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We think yarn is amazing. No single yarn store can carry enough to satisfy our cravings for more.
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When you subscribe to Yarnbox, you are joining a community of others just like you. Every month you will receive wonderful yarns, patterns and more from carefully selected sources. Lots of suppliers want to be included each month but we carefully choose the best for you. Only yarns and patterns we love get included. Just the quality stuff. We work with suppliers that provide us yarns at or below cost. They get free advertising. You get an amazing value...and great yarn too. Yarnbox will be fun to receive, we promise. In fact, if you find Yarnbox absolutely no fun at all then we will give you your money back. That's a promise. So try us out! Order your first Yarnbox below and begin to customize your very own.

Yarnbox Classic Our most popular subscription.

Each Yarnbox contains a minimum of two full sized skeins of luxury yarns, two free patterns that we store forever for you in your Yarnbox library, two designer cards from featured pattern authors along with coupon codes to download even more patterns, and finally a curator card spelling out our inspiration for your box of happy.

Additional Subscriptions

Gift Subscriptions

Yarnbox makes a great gift! Your yarn loving friend will receive enough yarn and instruction to finish a complete project with each and every Yarnbox they receive. Who knows, they may even regift that finished project back to you!

When you order a gift subscription we ask you some questions about the yarn preferences they may have, like their favorite color. If you don't know, don't worry! We have options that opt in for everything. They can customize Yarnbox later to make Yarnbox exactly the way they like it.

At checkout, we give you the option to include the email of the person getting the gift. If you do, we will send them a fun email telling them about Yarnbox and your gift. If not, you can let them know whenever you are ready. A simple redemption code lets them claim their gift.

We have three different gifts you can give. Yarnbox Classic is our most popular Yarnbox. It's suited for all types of yarn lovers, beginner to expert. Yarnbox Luxe is our luxury Yarnbox and includes very high end yarns. Yarnbox Socks is just what you think, yarn to use to make comfy socks. Each gift lasts only month.

Winter's Breath Wrap

Our last Yarnbox Plus box prepared you for the changes that take place in the autumn season from the rich colors of turning leaves to the first frost. This latest installment celebrates the mystical side of winter in all its splendor.

Included in this box are three exquisite Artyarns blends for a project that will feel as light as the season’s cool touch upon your skin. Your skein of Rhapsody Glitter Light is 200 yards of an incredible 85% Silk and 15% Kid Mohair blend embellished with a touch of sparkle from metallic thread. With the same fiber content are two 120 yard skeins of Rhapsody Light in coordinating colors that transition from dark to light. For the finishing touch to this delicate collection is the Beaded Mohair and Sequins, a blend of 60% Kid Mohair and 40% Silk with glass beads and sequins. All you’ll need is 10 yards to complete the elegant wrap designed by Iris Schreier.

As if they’ve been sprinkled with fairy dust, the exclusive colors of each collection enhance the magic you’ll feel when knitting. You’ll enjoy the transitions between the open stitches and solid construction within Iris’ gorgeous pattern. We hope you enjoy the light, wispiness of these graceful yarns as they dance across your needles.

$59.95 per kit

includes yarn and pattern